cigarette pack Does UKIP still support changes
to the smoking ban?
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UKIP's manifesto used to state they supported the introduction of smoking rooms in pubs and clubs, however when checking their latest manifesto there's no mention of what their policy is toward the smoking ban.

So I emailed UKIP and received the following reply on 15 May (10 days after I wrote to them).


"Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, UKIP still supports a policy of permitting smoking in pubs and clubs that have officially opted to be “smoking permitted”.

We believe in freedom of choice. If customers object to such establishments then they have a legal right not to enter them. It should be up to the owner of the pub to decide their own policy. Non-smoking customers should also have non-smoking pubs and clubs available to them too. Freedom of choice.

We are not favour a wider relaxation of the smoking ban, in shops, restaurants, offices etc, but in a social situation where adult customers are relaxing then the smoking option should be available, but only at the Landlord’s discretion.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office"


So subtly different; they can go all smoking or all non smoking, or install smoking rooms - and that's enough for me to vote for them again.

Yes we're voting for EU elections and The Brexit Party looks to demolish the legacy parties, however UKIP have a track record of opposing all legislation that's intended to penalize or further marginalize smokers at the EU level, so it's not just for us, it's for all smokers in Europe.

At the moment nationalist parties do not have the numbers to make a difference in Brussels. If the forecasts are only half right, they will from June.

We will leave that horrid political construct, yet they haven't a clue what we smokers have achieved through UKIP. "Our" guys have done a splendid job as role models and helped make nationalism something to be proud of, so let's leave it knowing we've helped lay the groundwork that'll herald it's demise.

And as we'll most likely be voting at a General Election long before 2022; unless another party comes out and states it explicitly, our ONLY chance of getting the smoking ban relaxed lies with UKIP.

Smoking Scot
February 2019
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