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Like many others I've wondered why transgender has been given so much legislative and press coverage, so when Breibart carried an article on the subject (01) I skimmed it, then went to the comments section. One person stated an opinion that it boiled down to profit and nothing else.

That got me to thinking, so I checked on the price of puberty blockers and yes the guy had a valid point, so I replied:

"Correct. The money side is huge. Just Googled the cost of puberty blockers and it says:

Lupron (leuprolide) 3-month shot can cost $4,000–6,000, and a 1-year histrelin implant costs $20,000 as Supprelin LA or $3,500 as Vantas (Stevens, Gomez-Lobo, & Pine-Twaddell, 2015)".

The source is this article that advises on lower cost alternatives to what is just the start of a long and costly process to interfere with the sexual and physical development of young people (02). Later on gender reassignment surgery can cost up to $100,000, as this article details (03). While breast removal costs between $3000 and $10,000, depending on whether you're prepared to live with a prominent or hardly noticeable scar across your chest (04).

So there is a considerable financial incentive to have as many people as possible chose to change their physical appearances. While I fully sympathise with men who develop breasts (Gynecomastia) insisting on their removal, I do object to brainwashing prepubescent children into believing they're in the wrong body.

However my comment was flagged as spam!

So that's my little example of how those who don't like what you say operate; they just block you. It's the same technique used by tobacco control. It irritates, though I feel if something upsets someone that much then I want to shout about it!


So that got me to thinking, why not spread the word about resources I find very helpful?

I used to work in the Middle East and like to know what's going on, especially in Yemen. Few media outlets mention a war that's been going on for years and has killed tens of thousand civilians as well as their infants and children. They've bombed what was an impoverished country into the dark ages, with a humanitarian crisis that beggars belief.

Same with news about the floods in Iran. They were devastating, again killing innocents and leaving a huge cleanup bill. And, as I've come to expect - nothing on Western news outlets.

It's not the people of Iran who are responsible for all the political and military shenanigans that irritate America, Israel and Saudi. Iranians are ruled by a theocracy that makes the EU seem democratic, so yes when it boils down to poor people being left destitute, normally we'd be asked to donate - and we'd send aid. But not now; now they're all lumped in as being in this axis of evil, which is glib superficiality - and a lie.

There are two sources I use to get reliable information on the Yemen as well as the Middle East. One is South Front that runs regular reports, mostly written by people on the ground (05). It also carries some of the very best videos showing the Houthis destroying assets deployed by the Saudi led coalition.

The Grapes pub no hipsters A frame sign.
Saudi underestimated them - badly. They don't need uniforms, lumbering behemoths nor much food, just an implacable determination to rid themselves of the coalition and their Sudanese mercenaries,

The other is Press TV, however that's been banned from Freeview as well as several satellite services. Now Google has banned it from YouTube as well as other accounts on their platforms - without explanation.

Been there, seen that, so as they're asking for people like me to spread the word, I'm happy to do so. Here's their website, one of the better ones that gives you access to their live television (06).


So while I'm at it, why not pass on a few more sites that confirm my belief the mainstream media is best avoided.

Signs Of The Times (07). They get facts the establishment would prefer we didn't know about and they have an excellent section on smoking (08), plus they don't carry adverts!

What Really Happened (09) does carry adverts, however it has a news feed that blows MSM junk into the weeds.

The Truthseeker (10) another alt-media site, though this one's orientation is UK/Europe. Carries articles not seen elsewhere.

No altering the fact the entire transgender issue is only about money. Lots of it, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry and medical professions, all supported by academia and advocacy groups they fund.

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March 2019
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