cigarette pack Tobacco prices in Cyprus, also Larnaca and Paphos airports.
Cost of tobacco at Schiphol airport.
Smoking facilities LCA and PFO airports. 15 June 2018.
cigarette pack

From January 2017 all tobacco pouches under 30g were banned and EU approved packaging became compulsory, so graphic images with branding limited to the lowest 25% of the pouch, or cigarette pack. Some manufacturers have removed their less popular brands from the market and there are currently no pouches larger than 30g available in Greek Cyprus.

A 20¢ per pouch price hike took place in early June 2018 with brands owned by JTI. Retailers told me they expect BAT, Imperial and others to follow suit shortly, meaning €7.00 will most likely be the standard for premium brands by 1 July 2018.

Price of rolling tobacco in Cyprus as at 15 June 2018

Price Weight Brand
€7.00 30g Old Holborn - all colours
€6.80 30g Golden Virginia Green and Yellow
€6.80 30g Marlboro - all colours
€6.80 30g Cutters Choice
€6.80 30g George Karelias & Sons
€6.80 30g Camel
€6.70 30g Winston

Large supermarkets have the highest turnover and some use tobacco as a way to get people into their stores, so drop their prices by a couple of cents. Most small supermarkets and kiosks will give a 3% discount for packs of ten pouches (300g) though they may need a couple of days notice if you plan on buying large amounts - and they will demand payment in cash. Always keep your receipts and be prepared to produce them if asked by UK Customs.

Amber Leaf is not sold in shops on the Greek side. It is however available - in 50g pouches - at Larnaca and Paphos airports once you're airside. Interesting that pouch sizes for Old Holborn are also 50g. Prices for tobacco at either airport is higher than in local shops, so unless you absolutely must have Amber Leaf, or if space is at a premium, then it's cheaper to buy your tobacco before going to the airport - as you can calculate from this list. I only noted prices for the smallest pack size, however they also stock 500g and 1kg packs.

Price of rolling tobacco in Larnaca Airport Cyprus as at 15 June 2018

Price Weight Brand
€62.00 250g Amber Leaf
€66.00 250g Old Holborn - Blue, White and Yellow
€66.00 250g Golden Virginia Green
€79.00 300g Golden Virginia Yellow

Smoking facilities at Larnaca and Paphos airports.

Larnaca airport has two smoking rooms airside. They're not signposted, however one is at the rear of the Food Village that's on the right hand side of the main walkway. The other is on left side of the walkway at the rear of Costa Coffee. No purchase is necessary, anyone can walk in and use them. Paphos airport provides a "beer garden" where you can smoke once airside.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Lots of Dutch favourites, however it's not that great for British travellers unless they like Golden Virginia Green or Amber Leaf. All prices are EU duty paid and there is no markup at the airport; all these brands cost the same anywhere in the Netherlands.

Price of rolling tobacco in Schiphol airport as at 15 June 2018

Price Weight Brand
€115 500g Golden Virginia (Green)
€112 500g Amber Leaf
€112 500g Van Nelle
€78 400g Samson
€50 250g Drum Blue

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