cigarette pack Delightfully Discriminatory.
The Grapes pub, Edinburgh.
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Most A-frames are there to entice people to visit their premises. The Grapes pub in Newington, Edinburgh does it in their own delightfully original way. Providing you're not pompous, pretentious, a snowflake, vegan, new age, hipster or hamster, then you're most welcome to pop in!

Speaking to a couple of their customers, who are obliged to smoke outside on the pavement, I'd be inclined to include tobacco controllers, healthists and finger pointers. They're definitely not welcome - at any time, for any reason, ever.

The Grapes pub no hipsters A frame sign.
No Hipsters or Hamsters A-frame outside The Grapes pub, Newington, Edinburgh. June 2018.

They couldn't care less about comparison sites; TripAdvisor doesn't even list the place - and the last Yelp comment was in 2010. However they do care about Facebook, where reviews are almost always 4 or 5 star and less likely to be paid for or contrived (01).

Love their style! Switched-on Old Skool!

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Smoking Scot
August 2018