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referendums on Scottish Independence.
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These "independence" referendums being used as a bargaining chip by the SNP are hugely damaging to our economy. Businesses do not invest if there's ambiguity about the future. Reduced investment means fewer jobs being created and that affects property values, all against a backdrop of an independent Scotland that'll be in a worse financial position than Greece, as this article (01) points out:

We ran up a fiscal deficit of £14.8bn in 2015-16, so an independent Scotland will have to carry out drastic measures to balance its books, including cutting spending on police, transport, and agriculture. The basic rate income tax will have to increase to 39 per cent and they'll have to double VAT to 40 per cent.

In addition health spending will have to be cut by 82 per cent, so kiss goodbye to Scotland offering free personal care for needy over 65s, free prescriptions or bus passes. The present system of free university places for Scots and EU nationals (but not English ones) will have to be binned. And as we'll be bankrupt from day one we'll have to forgo any form of defense or an effective coastguard, so leaving our fishing grounds open to all manner of factory fishing boats from Poland or Russia.

Without Scotland offering an early warning system, England will be more vulnerable to attack, or surveillance. And if the dire economic predictions come to pass, that'll result in the Scots becoming the largest single group of economic migrants to descend on England. So it's not just our problem, it's an in-your-face English one as well.

John Innes couldn't put in all these reasons to ask the British Parliament to stop all future independence referendums. All he could do is start up a petition giving his prime reasons for doing so. Fortunately he gave an interview with the Daily Express where he succinctly voiced his opinion of one SNP MP (02)!

It's encouraging that as of 2 April, 219,000 people cared enough to sign off on it, including a handful in each English, Welsh and Irish county. I know the government has responded to the petition, but that's only to delay their approval to hold one. What John Innes wants - and it's a view shared by many - is for the British Parliament to put a stop to the whole thing once and for all. And that's why several hundred add to the growing tally each day.

It's not restricted to residents of Scotland alone. It affects those Scots who live or work overseas and the English, Irish and Welsh who agree that Sturgeon is a royal pain in the arse and is intent on ruining a pretty good relationship that's been going on since 1707 - yet could weaken our negotiating position with the EU on Brexit. And now it seems she may even fragment Scotland, with support growing amongst those in the Shetland Islands to become a British overseas territory, leaving them with full control of their oil reserves and fishing grounds (03).

It's simple to take part; all they need is a post code and a valid email address. Open the email they send you, click and that's it. (There's a slightly different process for expats, but not challenging or intrusive).

These are the numbers on a map of the UK (04), so you can see how it's going nationwide.

And this is the petition (05).

We smokers have been very effective at giving politicians feedback they don't like. This is another example - and the more of us the better, so help give the fishwife a clip behind the ears and sign.

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