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Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Turin, NYC & Ireland.
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belgian flag  Restaurants and pubs with smoking rooms in Brussels & Bruges.

Belgium adopted a staged approach to their smoking bans with pubs included in 2011. There are few restrictions on outdoor space so covered balconies, three sided shelters and well positioned wind breaks are commonplace. Indoor smoking rooms are allowed and, as with the Netherlands, staff may not serve in them. This list only includes indoor smoking rooms in Brussels and Bruges.[Continue]

netherland flag  Pubs, cafés, restaurants with smoking rooms in Amsterdam & Schiphol airport.

Separate smoking rooms (rookruimte) without staff service have been allowed in the Netherlands since the smoking ban was introduced in 2008, providing the premises is larger than 70 sq mts. Anything smaller has to remain non-smoking, however they are far more relaxed about what constitutes an outdoor area with plants, canopies, windbreaks and the like used to offer quite pleasant seating in areas that can become very busy during warmer months. Schiphol airport offers a range of rookruimte and the list includes some towns close to the airport that offer indoor smoking facilities for those with lengthy layovers. [Continue]

italy flag  Restaurants and pubs with smoking rooms in Turin.

A legally compliant smoking room (sala fumatori) can be provided in any building. It must conform with rules about air filtration, so staff can serve food and drink in them. Only a small proportion in the leisure sector have the space or funds to provide an indoor smoking room, most preferring to upgrade their outdoor areas with wind breaks or purpose built tent style structures. This list provides details of restaurants, pubs, cafés and nightclubs that offer indoor smoking rooms in Turin and surrounding areas. [Continue]

us flag  Smoking restaurants, cafés, tobacconists in New York City.

Tobacconists and places with sophisticated air filtration can offer indoor smoking in New York. What's evolved ranges from frighteningly expensive cigar clubs to basic smoking lounges catering to a largely local, cigar smoking, customer base. A small number offer food, drink and entertainment. Cigarette smokers have a limited choice, usually places with air filtration, or tobacconists with a "smoke what you bought" policy. Most have some sort of arrangement to accommodate tourists, or will be happy to point you to one that does. The list does not include hookah places that may also offer indoor smoking, but only of a non-tobacco mixture. [Continue]

ireland flag  Pubs and restaurants with smoking areas in Ireland.

Ireland only allows outdoor smoking areas. The listing includes some of the pubs, restaurants and clubs with dedicated smoking areas throughout Ireland. These range from standard beer gardens to purpose built facilities, reputed to have cost in excess of 1 million Euro, that some describe as smoking rooms. They're not; they're outdoor smoking areas... Irish Style. [Continue]
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