cigarette pack Top brass of Labour and Lib Dem parties
hate smokers.
cigarette pack

Many thanks to "Ealing Labour For Corbyn" (01) for this fine image.

Jacob Rees Mogg 3 times voted against the smoking ban.

EL4C thinks it's bad that Jacob Rees Mogg voted against the smoking ban and irritated he's the director of a firm that makes shrewd investments.

The fact he voted that way is very interesting to those of us who smoke.


So let's just take a look at the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. He voted for the smoking ban in public places and a further eight times for restrictions on smokers (02).

And his deputy, Tom Watson. He too voted for the smoking ban and a further four times for restrictions (03).

Then there's Diane Abbott. She voted for the smoking ban and a seven other restrictions (04).

This information may be helpful to some within their respective constituencies, so let's take a look at what the leader of the Liberal Democrats did.

Vince Cable voted for the smoking ban and six more times for restrictions on smoking (05).


By comparison, those within the Conservative top brass saw things differently.

Theresa May voted against the smoking ban and has never voted for restrictions against smokers (06).

Michael Gove voted against the smoking ban, but did vote in favour of banning it in vehicles with kids (07).

Boris Johnson voted against the smoking ban (08).


What "Ealing Labour for Corbyn", indeed many in the Labour party seem to have overlooked is lots of people who used to vote Labour are smokers as well as business owners who depended on our custom. That was one reason why Labour lost the general election in 2010.

Corbyn can make all sorts of promises. Promises are cheap - and usually worthless, like writing off all student debt. What matters to many of us is track record - and lots of people in the Labour party have a lousy one (here's a list of MPs who voted in favour of the smoking ban (09)). And not just against smokers, but for civil liberties generally.

You reap what you sow - and here it's revulsion, for Corbyn, for Cable and for the political parties they head.

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April 2017