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Cancer Research UK.
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One measure of incompetence is when two parts of a business don't communicate with each other. So when Cancer Research UK supplies funding for a study on obesity and that categorically states - in 2014 - that "fat shaming" people doesn't work (01), you'd think that would be the end of the matter.

No it wasn't. Toward the end of 2018 Cancer Research decided it would be an awfully good idea to fat shame them anyway with thudding great posters like these slung up all over the country.

Cancer Research UK Obesity poster Peckham London
Cancer Research UK obesity poster, Peckham London.

That sort of idiocy has a downside that's even more sinister because a recent study by Cardiff University concluded that judging pregnant women for smoking or drinking doesn't help them quit - they just hide it (02), so all those warnings on cigarette packs are about as much use as a piss in a hurricane.

But that won't stop the healthists; they thrive on spite and malice - and love controversy. To them publicity, even bad publicity, is good because some nobody in an obscure department gets his or her name in the media. And they're frequently referred to as "experts", so much cause for celebration with newspaper cuttings framed and displayed prominently in their workspace!

Myself, if my Buddhist Monk friend is correct and I am reborn, then I'll be delighted to spend my first nine months carried by a tubby smoker. If she can shrug off the crap chucked at her then that's the kind of Mum I want, not some fearful wimp who believes their rubbish.
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November 2018