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Many years ago whilst working in North Yemen I had access to marijuana in quantity. One of my fondest recollections was of being the roller for a group of six or so. Split a cigarette, remove the contents, add a generous amount of hash, roll, then get it well lit before handing it to whoever wanted one. I did that for the whole evening and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It's great being with friends, good music and a limitless supply of quality hash!

Few things happened to me when I'd had a couple of joints. It seemed to slow things down, allowed me to relax and I slept much better, also Pink Floyd was far more enjoyable when pleasantly stoned.

One thing I never expected is that by having two or more joints, I'm supposed to have endowed myself with a sperm count that's 38% higher than those who haven't tried hash. Not tested that in anger, but nice to know that a study conducted by researchers from Harvard University (01) came that conclusion!

Apparently this lasts a lifetime, so if you think you're shooting blanks then give it a shot. But don't cut it with tobacco, or at least don't tell your GP you have because the medical profession says it's bad for you - and to confirm you're a naughty person, they'll deny you and your partner fertility treatment.

Helping people to quit. Delightful Smells

For those who really want to quit smoking, the University of Pittsburgh has conducted a study that suggests if you're finding it hard going then taking a sniff of chocolate or peppermint or apples can help to stave off the urge to smoke (02). So if you happen to be with a group of people and one whips out an apple to savor the smell, then puts it back in their handbag or pocket, now you know why.

Fortunately they haven't included water melons or pineapples! However I'd suggest you lay off smelling coffee or whiskey and such as those smells trigger an urge to chill out and enjoy the moment with a good smoke.
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January 2019