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Cost of Exiling Smokers
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This deserves more publicity.
Smoking Bans Excude Smokers From Society. (Forest EU).

I looked into the money cost to society (01) and that's been confirmed by many smokers as a realistic reflection of what we do and the effect it has on our high streets, tax base and public finances.

They'll never admit that we smokers were the greatest supporters of UKIP - and we helped in large measure to make Brexit happen. In so doing we've exposed the political class here and in the EU to scrutiny by a far larger number of voters than ever before - and we're not pleased at what we've seen.

We've ruined careers, made politicians face our wrath; we're some of the most outspoken about the media and - in the UK - the BBC. We're not fussed about online outrage, because we've had that for years and we know how tobacco control use paid "commentators" to try to deflect criticism or the truth. So we know it when we see it and we tell others how it's done and what to watch out for.

Almost all of the protest movements we're witnessing are because people are sick fed up of being dictated to and not engaged with. And we're in there with the non-smoking people. We don't make a big issue of it; we know their rage because we've been that way ourselves - sometimes for decades. High taxes, lack of places to go to and that business of exclusion leaves us wishing to tear down the entire establishment.

We don't need to risk a gassing or police brutality. We're not restricted to a handful of bloggers, there are untold numbers of us who get online and support them, or give them money, or use our real life influence to their benefit. We may be after tobacco control, the World Health Organisation and the so called research facilities that hide under the cover of universities and academia, but we know they'll evaporate when the money spigots are turned off - and that will happen with representative government.

However you serve another purpose; you force change - and that in turn results in unexpected consequences. There may seem to be no connection with the perdition of smokers - and that suits our purpose. I'd like to see an end to Macron as President of France; don't care who takes over, just one that's not so enthusiastic about further EU integration. Then there's Berdymukhamedov; the corrupt, dictatorial healthist who claims to be the President of Turkmenistan. He's the one who banned the sale of tobacco products, but quickly backtracked to allow sales through State controlled outlets (to counter black market smuggling that's now ubiquitous). There are dozens more that will happen over the next couple of years - and tobacco control are helping by vastly increasing the number of people who have had it with their politicians, healthists, globalists and supranational entities.

And that's just fine with me. Ireland being another - inconsequential - example.

Smoking Scot
February 2020

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