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December 2010.
Tenacious Dutch.
Their publicans stuck with it to right a wrong. The self-employed are not employees.

Intransigent English.
David Nuttall's attempt to relax the ban in England was no failure.

Sorry Scots.
The Scots would have preferred voluntary euthanasia. Until then we'll have to continue making do with DIY suicides. [Continue]
Kids for Cash, Male Infertility, Sperm Donors, Smokers.
March 2012. Wanted to learn more about the £35 they pay sperm donors, their markup - and if smokers are excluded. Short answers are 1,960% and yes. What I did not expect is the degree of exploitation, a crude form of eugenics and a mindset that was obsolete in the 1950's. Their treatment of donors is far from acceptable in light of recent changes in legislation and it seems the HFEA itself is in need of a top down overhaul to drag it into the 21st century. [Continue]
Describing Smokers.
September 2012. Depends on who's doing the shouting and which side of the abyss it's coming from. [Continue]
The WHO Want a Global Tobacco Tax.
October 2012. And the feeding frenzy on smokers continues, with the WHO and the World Bank mad keen to get in on the action. [Continue]
Smoking Bars, Restaurants, Taverns in Greece.
November 2012. Can't beat up to date information from someone who lives there (Nisakiman), about where you can smoke in Greece. [Continue]
Tory panic at the new Conservative Party - UKIP!
June 2013. Sarah Wollaston MP is correct, the Tory Party shouldn't attempt to outflank UKIP as the party of booze and fags. Nor the free market, nor individual initiatives, freedoms and responsibilities. After 3 years of increasing restrictions on everything, it's way too late to change tack. [Continue]
Shed Pubs. Re-constructing Pubs in Britain.
July 2013. An average of 20 brand new shed pubs open each month in Britain. Owners rules apply, so smoking is usually allowed. By invitation only. [Continue]
Warnings on all cigarettes. Hassan/Shui study.
January 2014. A review of their study reveals it's flawed, superficial, amateurish junk. Perfect fodder for fake charities, the media and politicians. [Continue]
Fake research in support of smoke-free homes.
March 2014. From their source of funding to their contrived research it's a story of corruption, duplicity and nepotism. All self-justified in the belief they're unaccountable. [Continue]
Buying immortality and a cushy afterlife. Michael Rubens Bloomberg.
August 2014. A sardonic look at how the rich try to buy their way into paradise - and get their names carved on buildings. [Continue]
Keeping tobacco in the news all year round.
November 2014. And they prefer the coldest, darkest months - especially around Xmas, with funding arranged by purposeless Honourables. [Continue]

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