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Tobacco prices Cyprus and Amsterdam airport.
June 2018. Rolling tobacco prices in Cyprus, also Larnaca and Paphos airports. Tobacco prices Schiphol airport. Smoking facilities Paphos and Larnaca airports. [Continue]
EU/UK Tobacco Packs Designed by Healthists.
May 2018. Tobacco packs are now designed by health professionals, however that does not give them the authority to ignore consumer rights, nor government obligations. [Continue]
Labour and Lib Dem party leaders hate smokers.
April 2018. And their party activists derive great satisfaction from rubbing it in, while criticising the Tory leadership for voting against the smoking ban. [Continue]
Cancer Research UK. Fake charity.
March 2018. CRUK is to charities as Al-Qaeda is to religion, an abomination. To give time, money or unwanted goods to CRUK is no different than supporting any terrorist organisation. They're intent on the complete destruction of everything they consider haraam and to hell with the economic or social consequences. (First posted Sep 2012. Edited and updated Feb 2016, also March 2018.) [Continue]
Bolshie smokers face £1000 fine for smoking in Scottish hospital grounds.
February 2018. It's not about risk to other people, nor the litter. This is only about the sight of people smoking; it's petty, spiteful and a massive abuse of power. It's "Fuck You Because We Can" legislation. [Continue]
Cheeky non-compliant Austrians halt smoking ban on leisure sector.
January 2018. They're called Freedom and Nationalist parties for good reasons. They want to keep things that matter to voters. It worked in Austria and Holland. Our "Independence" party might want to learn from this. [Continue]
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