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Posts from December 2016 to January 2016
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When Lying's Justified.
December 2016. When you're dealing with politics, even at the most basic level, just fib, fabricate or misinform. They do it all the time. [Continue]
Growing old on coffee and fags.
November 2016. Infrequently the healthists “discover” something we practitioners have known for years. Coffee and nicotine are good for you. Only dispute’s about how we get our nicotine! [Continue]
Shaping opinions... by Troll!
October 2016. It's common knowledge they use trolls to try to spin their line and manipulate public opinion. But their effectiveness is limited, as Brexit and Indy show... and as the SNP is now experiencing! [Continue.]
Delaying Adulthood in Britain.
September 2016. They've stopped, deferred, controlled or priced some coming of age markers out of reach of many. Now some "children" are considered immature and incapable until aged 24! [Continue]
Don't take the EU referendum results too literally.
August 2016. There were far more important things on people's minds, like independence for Scotland and reunification for Ireland. To them the EU referendum was a means to an end. [Continue.]
Spring Cleaning Holyrood - Elections 2016.
June 2016. Removing three tobacco control flunkies from parliament is deeply satisfying - especially Stewart Maxwell, who started it all. [Continue.]
Smoking bans constipate economic recoveries.
May 2016. Smokers seldom do impulse. Ever wondered what all those cuppas, snacks, nips, pints and meals we forgo means? The results surprised even me! [Continue.]
What party smokers can vote for, Scottish Assembly Elections 5 May 2016.
April 2016. UKIP is the only party to pledge indoor smoking rooms. They score very well under PR - and that's what they get at Assembly Elections. [Continue.]
Action on Smoking and Health - Wish List.
March 2016. ASH have grand, ambitious plans. They want to build an empire and they want to go international. And they'd very much like for us to pay for it all. 5% cigarette and 15% rolling tobacco escalator is just a start. [Continue]
Saving children & parents from vested interests & the Brazilian government.
February 2016. All parents want is a healthy child. They don't need medieval values nor insensitive idealists forcing them to have abnormal ones. [Continue.]
Unintended consequences of tobacco control.
January 2016. They brought us vaping, cigarette tubes, cross border trade, the "baccy run", new names in rolling tobacco, "illegal" tobacco, tobacco shredders, whole-leaf traders and the phrase "home grown". [Continue.]
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