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Posts from December 2015 to January 2015
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Tobacco Control takes on Dutch lawmakers via the courts.
December 2015. Tobacco Control wants to close all smoking rooms in the Netherlands. In turn one Dutch MP wants an end to fake charities "which pit people against each other". [Continue.]
New budget tobacco brands in the UK.
November 2015. Without any adverts, marketing or counter displays, but with good demand and complacent market leaders, new tobacco firms are competing rather well in the British market. [Continue.]
Fake "Green" pressure group manipulates Holland.
October 2015. Backed by vested commercial interests and lottery funds, 886 people force their will on the remaining 16.8 million people in Holland. [Continue.]
Parallel market tobacco. Check out the health warnings!
September 2015. I couldn't care less what brand you smoke, only that it's got a non-English health warning. That I respect and admire. [Continue.]
Forced support of charities. The carry bag tax.
August 2015. From nudge to shove, a new law demanded by charities to benefit charities. Fake charities included. [Continue.]
Smoking bans are political suicide.
July 2015. England, Greece and others kicked out the party that brought in the smoking ban. And the Scots have destroyed Labour in Scotland! Result! [Continue.]
Some things nice about the EU, PR and UKIP.
June 2015. It's not all bad and we are learning from others. Once in a while that's to our advantage. [Continue]
Tobacco Control Superhero whinges about Internet Vermin.
May 2015. As Chapman exits the front line of tobacco control, Mike Daube tries to raise his profile with a self-pitying whine and claims of a mass conspiracy by "internet vermin". Nah, it's just a lot of people with good reasons to tag him as a loathsome, intrusive putz. [Continue]
Which political parties want to amend the smoking ban. Fiddling poll results.
April 2015. Four. Two are national parties, so useful for Scottish voters; two are only available to English voters. All with links to manifesto pledges. Another example of tobacco control fiddling poll results. [Continue]
Real Wars vs Synthetic Wars.
March 2015. That's the reality for most of the severely disfigured. They shock some people because their wounds are so awful, and they're terrified because they'd never want to go through life looking like them. So the more juvenile laugh, snicker, mock, taunt and belittle them. That's something Tobacco Control exploits. They're experts at encouraging base sentiments, hence plain packs. [Continue]
Fake survey by fake charity CRUK vs impartial one by the IEA.
February 2015. Another derisive fake survey by Cancer Research UK in support of plain packs. However the Institute of Economic Affairs reveals a remarkable level of support for indoor smoking rooms. Thoughts on getting road tax exemption for small motorbikes & scooters. [Continue]
MPs who voted for the smoking ban in pubs and clubs in England.
January 2015. A list of how each MP voted in 2006 and details of those currently pushing for further restrictions on smoking. [Continue]
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