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Posts from December 2014 to January 2014
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Blind Obedience. Misplaced Trust. Lessons from MV Sewol ferry disaster.
December 2014. 300 died through greed, incompetence and misplaced trust. We know to be on the alert for rank amateurs claiming expert status. Kids know about cheating in exams, but may not be aware of the consequences of doing so. People are in jobs that carry enormous responsibilities, but are academically and psychologically ill-equipped to hold those positions because they lied and cheated to get their paper qualifications. [Continue]
Keeping tobacco in the news all year round.
November 2014. And they prefer the coldest, darkest months - especially around Xmas, with funding arranged by purposeless Honourables. [Continue]
Scottish Independence Referendum. One stiff's take on why they lost.
October 2014. Some people were indifferent of big issues, visions, or suck-it-and-see politics. Prices, security, currency - and giving these bozos free reign were more important. [Continue]
Smoking rooms in pubs. Paul Nuttall MEP UKIP.
September 2014. Smoking rooms are allowed under FCTC and Nuttall is right to suggest this as a way to slow pub closures. [Continue]
Buying immortality and a cushy afterlife. Michael Rubens Bloomberg.
August 2014. A sardonic look at how the rich try to buy their way into paradise - and get their names carved on buildings. [Continue]
Power Plays. Tobacco Control Conferences Europe 2014.
July 2014. Mutual back-slapping, self-generated awards, strategizing the final solution and making history, while having fun with our money. [Continue]
EU election results Scotland 2014. Next vote "The Referendum" 18 Sep 2014.
June 2014. PR offers a glimpse of what may happen if we quit the Union. And that has real implications for England. [Continue]
Tobacco. Ease of substitution. UK and Belgian tobacco prices.
May 2014. Reflecting on tobacco, alternative suppliers, cheap cigarettes, myopic chancellors, tobacco duty increases 2013 & 2014. Obscene profiteering by the tobacco cartels. [Continue]
EU elections 22 May 2014. Smokers vote.
April 2014. Many parties in Europe want to amend their smoking bans. Britain has 4. They need our votes and this time they'll get them. [Continue]
Fake research in support of smoke-free homes.
March 2014. From their source of funding to their contrived research it's a story of corruption, duplicity and nepotism. All self-justified in the belief they're unaccountable. [Continue]
Recognize hermaphrodite rights to equal treatment.
February 2014. If our legislators are serious about protecting children, then stop the medical establishment from mutilating intersex children. [Continue]
Warnings on all cigarettes. Hassan/Shui study.
January 2014. A review of their study reveals it's flawed, superficial, amateurish junk. Perfect fodder for fake charities, the media and politicians. [Continue]
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