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Opposition, criticism, rejection of the smoking ban.
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Bolshie smokers face £1000 fine for smoking in Scottish hospital grounds.
February 2018. It's not about risk to other people, nor the litter. This is only about the sight of people smoking; it's petty, spiteful and a massive abuse of power. It's "Fuck You Because We Can" legislation. [Continue]
Cheeky non-compliant Austrians halt smoking ban on leisure sector.
January 2018. They're called Freedom and Nationalist parties for good reasons. They want to keep things that matter to voters. It worked in Austria and Holland. Our "Independence" party might want to learn from this. [Continue]
On-line Petition to Leave the EU immediately.
Open until 14 March 2018. If you feel Brexit's becoming a tiresome shaggy dog and you want us out the EU without further delay, then sign this petition. [Continue]
Questioning old people, especially grandmothers.
December 2017. Two infantile studies ask why we have them and what use they are, especially old women. Both are at the pig shit end of "Scottish Research". [Continue]
Is smoking glamorous, or is it now seen as rebellious?
November 2017. Surprising that an antiquated Peer thinks it's glamorous. While he's busy blocking tiny little holes, the underground has driven a four lane highway right under his calloused feet! [Continue]
What do you want, more police and anti-terror personnel, or more tobacco controllers?
October 2017. The number of tobacco controllers has grown exponentially and they want £100 million more funding. Now the government plans to reduce funding for anti-terror by £50 million! [Continue]
Prison Smoking Bans. Scotland compared to Isle of Man.
September 2017. How they reasoned prison smoking bans. Limited in Manx, while Scotland blew close to £1million "researching" a foregone conclusion. [Continue]
Tobacco Control policies help fund terrorism.
August 2017. No question some terrorist groups make good money supplying cheaper tobacco than official overtaxed duty paid. All because of tobacco control policies. [Continue]
Tobacco prices Cyprus and Amsterdam airport.
July 2017. Rolling tobacco prices in Cyprus, also Larnaca and Paphos airports. Tobacco prices Schiphol airport. Smoking facilities Paphos and Larnaca airports. [Continue]
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