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Opposition, criticism, rejection of the smoking ban.
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Which MP voted for the 2007 smoking ban in England.
May 2017. List of how Members of Parliament voted on the indoor smoking ban. Also which MP voted against allowing indoor smoking rooms in pubs and clubs in 2010. Voting record of Party Leaders on smoking bans. [Continue]
Petition to stop any more referendums on Scottish independence.
April 2017. If the economic predictions come to pass, that'll result in the Scots becoming the largest single group of economic migrants to descend on England. So it's not just our problem, it's an in-your-face English one as well. Help give the fishwife a clip behind the ears and sign the petition. [Continue]
Referendums. Let the people decide... when it suits.
March 2017. An eccentric review of recent referendums in Europe. How they messed up and how the Scots intend doing so again. [Continue]
Number of cigarettes rolled from a pouch of tobacco.
February 2017. My results from 4 brands of tobacco, industry figures, info on filters and papers. Tar and nicotine ratings for 4 brands of rolling tobacco. [Continue]
Brexit's essential for us and them.
January 2017. Anyone who thinks Brexit can be undone and we'll all live happily ever after is dangerously naive. The EU's exceeded its mandate and is a predatory, protectionist racket that's well past its sell by date. [Continue]
When Lying's Justified.
December 2016. When you're dealing with politics, even at the most basic level, just fib, fabricate or misinform. They do it all the time. [Continue]
Growing old on coffee and fags.
November 2016. Infrequently the healthists “discover” something we practitioners have known for years. Coffee and nicotine are good for you. Only dispute’s about how we get our nicotine! [Continue]
Shaping opinions... by Troll!
October 2016. It's common knowledge they use trolls to try to spin their line and manipulate public opinion. But their effectiveness is limited, as Brexit and Indy show... and as the SNP is now experiencing! [Continue.]
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