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Opposition, criticism, rejection of the smoking ban.
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Transgender and freedom of speech.
March 2019. Fact is the entire transgender issue is only about money. Lots of it, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry and medical professions. And don't try to stop me telling people about it. [Continue]
Does UKIP still support changes to the smoking ban?
February 2019. Yes they do. To allow pubs and clubs to go all smoking, or non smoking, or offer smoking rooms. [Continue]
Facile "Scientific Studies".
January 2019. Harvard and Pittsburgh Universities are highly rated, so their studies should be treated with the respect - or contempt - they deserve. [Continue]
December 2018. Why I'm way behind with my posts. [Continue]
Cancer Research UK. Incompetent and malevolent.
November 2018. They thrive on spite and malice - and love controversy. To them publicity, even bad publicity, is good. [Continue]
Voluntarily disadvantaging business.
October 2018. If you're going to volunteer to help in a charity shop, know your worth and the impact you'll have on real businesses. [Continue]
Women. Getting rid of bureaucrats, healthists and unwanted sprogs.
September 2018. An example of how people bypass a sclerotic, archaic, non smoking system by taking matters into their own hands, even if it is technically illegal. [Continue]
Delightfully discriminatory. The Grapes pub, Edinburgh.
August 2018. Sometimes it's sensible to discriminate. For the benefit of regular customers - and the wellbeing of the reviled! [Continue]
Warning for all illegal cigarette and tobacco manufacturers.
July 2018. We're not stupid, nor the authorities, nor tobacco companies. If you're going to imitate a well known brand, then copy their current packaging. [Continue]
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