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Opposition, criticism, rejection of the smoking ban.
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December 2018. Why I'm way behind with my posts. [Continue]
Cancer Research UK. Incompetent and malevolent.
November 2018. They thrive on spite and malice - and love controversy. To them publicity, even bad publicity, is good. [Continue]
Voluntarily disadvantaging business.
October 2018. If you're going to volunteer to help in a charity shop, know your worth and the impact you'll have on real businesses. [Continue]
Women. Getting rid of bureaucrats, healthists and unwanted sprogs.
September 2018. An example of how people bypass a sclerotic, archaic, non smoking system by taking matters into their own hands, even if it is technically illegal. [Continue]
Delightfully discriminatory. The Grapes pub, Edinburgh.
August 2018. Sometimes it's sensible to discriminate. For the benefit of regular customers - and the wellbeing of the reviled! [Continue]
Warning for all illegal cigarette and tobacco manufacturers.
July 2018. We're not stupid, nor the authorities, nor tobacco companies. If you're going to imitate a well known brand, then copy their current packaging. [Continue]
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